"The story of an Oulu Log Builders home is the story of a dream coming true. A family imagines the home they have always wanted, and together we make it a reality."

Log home exteriorLog home in winter with severa gables & attached garage     Our homes are custom built to meet your desire while staying within your budget. You will not get a home identical to anyone else's, unless you want it to be. Our goal is not to build so many homes but our goal is to build them right and to our customer's satisfaction. 

    Why do we build the way we do? Simply put, we put quality and craftsmanship ahead of everything else. We use techniques designed and refined over the past forty plus years of creating individually customized homes that are tightly sealed and energy efficient. We purchase the logs in round "raw" form and saw each of them ourselves to yield the best possible stock with which to work. Then they are hand peeled and when the time to pre-cut comes they are individually selected and notched by hand by one of our skilled craftsmen. We are a small company and every one of us is concerned with making sure our homes are very well built.

    We know that anyone considering purchasing a home is making a big investment of money, time and dreams. Making sure that you have a home you are pleased with and is built to stand the test of time is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our customers have become good friends and we value those relationships greatly. We believe if you choose a home from Oulu Log Builders you will not be disappointed.